Safe Pet Travel Check List


Safe Pet Travel Check List

In choosing a pet travel crate or harness that protects your pet, as well as other passengers, make sure it meets the following ten requirements:

  1. The pet travel product is crash safety tested in all scenarios (front, rear and rollover crashes) for a complete understanding of its total safety impact
  2. The manufacturer can certify that crash safety testing is aligned with government auto safety testing standards and performed at a qualified facility by experts in crash safety testing
  3. Product crash safety testing is conducted under “real world conditions” in test vehicles with test dummies that also ensure no reduction in passenger safety
  4. The product has a well-established safety record with actual, proven results in real accidents
  5. The manufacturer employs experienced automotive safety engineers to design their products
  6. For pet travel crates, the product is designed to work with, not against, the safety design of the vehicle, such as the car’s “crumple zones” that absorb crash impact to reduce passenger injury.
  7. Due to the limited load capacity of standard vehicle cargo hooks, straps and cargo hooks should only be used to prevent shifting to ensure the crate fits snugly against the backseat and must not be relied on to reduce the crates’ forward momentum in a crash or rear end collision.
  8. The manufacturer can demonstrate that the crate will remain intact after an accident with a fully functioning door, so the pet can be removed quickly and safely
  9. The crate also has a rear “escape hatch,” in the event the car’s cargo door cannot be opened
  10. The manufacturer is willing to provide all of the information and documentation related to their testing and is willing to answer any other questions to your complete satisfaction.

To find a travel crate or harness that meets all the important safety criteria above, check out our collection of Variocages, the world's safest dog transport crates and safety products. There is no other travel crate that comes close!


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