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Product Description

PupSaver, makers of the original rear-facing crash tested safety seat, are proud to present the most advanced safety-engineered canine car seat ever built. With AirPupSaver, the energy absorption of an airbag has been integrated directly into the seat back, while the lower LATCH attachment system keeps the PupSaver anchored to the seat in case of a collision. An all metal tether attachment provides security where it’s needed most. You can now drive with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your dog is comfortably secured in their own rear-facing car seat.

PupSaver Measurements
AirPupSaver 25 (for dogs under 25lbs) 26” (seat bottom width) x 12” (seat bottom depth) x 18” (seat back height)
AirPupSaver 45 (for dogs 26-45lbs) 31”(seat bottom width) x 23” (seat bottom depth) x 23” (seat back height)


Add on a PupSaver Compatible Harness, the best way to secure your dog inside their PupSaver!

PupSaver Compatible Harness Measurements
Note: Sizing runs big (No XX-Small at this time)
X-Small Neck girth: 17″, Chest girth: 18-22″
Small Neck girth: 20″, Chest girth: 19-26″
Medium Neck girth: 22″, Chest girth: 24 – 28″

Ships out within 24 hours, shipping takes 1-5 days via UPS Ground.


Note: AirPupSaver 45 is for back seat only

PupSaver was designed by a team of Safety Design Engineers, Veterinarians and Auto Industry Professionals who all agree that protecting dogs in accidents from what are referred to as the second and third impacts could save their lives. With that principle in mind PupSaver decided that a rear-facing design, which mimicked a child safety seat, was the way to go. It may seem counterintuitive, after years of hearing that the back seat is safest, to use a *PupSaver in the front seat. But they have designed this seat to work in harmony with the passenger side air bag. It is important to draw a distinction between child safety seats, which are far more likely to extend into the passenger airbag deployment zone, and PupSaver. PupSaver safety seats are constructed from ballistic nylon, which acts as an energy absorbing barrier. The seatbelt around the top of the PupSaver will pull it towards the seat in the case of an accident or hard stop. This would not be the case in an accident with a rear-facing child safety seat, which is rigid and has a shaped differently from our seats. PupSaver is by no means trying to change the dialogue around back seat safety for children, or encourage anyone who is in favor of putting their dog in the back seat to change their mind. They only mean to provide a solution for those drivers who need or want to have their dog in the front seat, whether for medical reasons, or personal preference. (*It should be noted that only Original PupSaver and AirPupSaver 25 may be used in the front seat. AirPupSaver 45 is for back seat use only.)

The following information was adapted from nhtsa.gov and serves to show how, with proper installation, you can feel safe placing your dog in the front seat if they are in a PupSaver (words in red are added by PupSaver to demonstrate how we are operating in accordance with NHTSA guidelines for child safety in the front seat):

NHTSA recommends placing all children 12 and under in the rear seat. That is the safest place. If no option exists other than seating a young child in the front seat, several steps must be taken:

1) First, the child needs to be properly restrained in the child seat.
(PupSaver provides this restraint, plus the added benefit of impact protection) 
2) Second, the vehicle seat needs to be pushed all the way back, to maximize the distance between the child and the air bag
(PupSaver must be installed with the passenger seat moved all the way back, as per our installation instruction manual).
3) Third, the child needs to be sitting with his/her back against the seat back, not wiggling around or leaning forward, with as little slack as possible in the belt in order to minimize forward movement in a crash
(PupSaver works with the existing seatbelt pretensioner system to keep the PupSaver itself, plus the dog inside, against the seat back. Not to mention the amount of protection provided by PupSaver’s ballistic nylon backing and dense poly fill and/or air chambers inside).

Click here for More info:

Additionally, the front passenger seat and passenger side airbag are safer in 2016 than they have ever been, for several reasons.

Passenger airbags in newer model cars (around year 2000 and forward) have “passenger presence” systems, which are not activated until the weight or “load” of a full grown adult (between 86-100 lbs, the lowest average weight of an adult, in most cars) is registered. A fully loaded PupSaver, with an occupant within our limit of 30 lbs, would not approach this weight – so you are covered if your vehicle has this system. A light will usually come on indicating “Passenger Airbag On/Off” in such vehicles. Many vehicles also offer the option to turn your passenger side airbag on and off, depending on who is riding in your front seat.

If you have an older model vehicle, with passenger airbags (which became a requirement around 1996), and the airbag deploys, it will look something like this: Watch Video (footage courtesy of YouTube/ SRTC Automotive Technology)

As you can see, unlike a driver side airbag where the airbag comes straight out, to protect the driver from the steering column, the passenger airbag comes out and up (to protect you from the dashboard and windshield). In the case of an accident, or hard stop, the PupSaver, which is belted into the passenger seat, acts like a safety net, tightening with the seatbelt pretensioner (which automatically fires in tandem with the airbags), pulling the unit into the optimal position for impact.

In either case, your dog is completely enveloped by the PupSaver’s ballistic nylon barrier against the seat back upon impact. However, our recommendation is always that, when in doubt, you check with your vehicle manufacturer and investigate your own passenger airbag system. In preparation for all possible outcomes, the passenger seat should always be positioned all the way back, as far as possible from the dashboard before the PupSaver is installed.


What are the weight limits for the AirPupSaver 25 and for AirPupSaver 45?

AirPupSaver 25 is for any dog from 1 – 25 lbs. AirPupSaver 45 is for dogs between 26 – 45 lbs. However, if you have an especially tall/ long and slender 24 lb. dog, you may want to opt for the AirPupSaver 45. Please see our measurements (below) and purchase the seat that you feel your dog will be most comfortable sitting in for the duration of their car rides.

What are the measurements for AirPupSaver 25 / AirPupSaver 45 / PupSaver-Compatible Harnesses?

Here are the exact product dimensions: AirPupSaver 25 = 26” (seat bottom width) x 12” (seat bottom depth) x 18” (seat back height) AirPupSaver 45 = 31”(seat bottom width) x 23” (seat bottom depth) x 23” (seat back height) *AirPupSaver 45 is a large car seat. Please measure your vehicle’s back seat before purchasing to prevent return shipping and restocking fees. Thank you!* Harnesses (SIZING RUNS BIG – NO XX-Small AT THIS TIME): x-small = neck girth: 17″, chest girth: 18-22″ small = neck girth: 20″, chest girth: 19-26″ medium = neck girth: 22″, chest girth: 24 – 28″

Do I have to use a PupSaver-Compatible Harness with my PupSaver?

We suggest using a PupSaver-Compatible Harness, since the additional chest side D-ring makes for easier and more comfortable experience for you and your dog. The PupSaver-Compatible Harness has also been used in crash testing with the AirPupSaver 45. It is not recommended that a collar be used with your PupSaver.

Can I put two dogs together in a PupSaver?

No, it is not recommended that more than one dog is placed in any single PupSaver seat, even if their combined weights are under the limit. Having two dogs in one seat could result in a collision of the dogs’ heads on impact, causing serious injury. They may enjoy each other’s company, but safety must come first always! We are hard at work, at PupSaver HQ, creating a two-seater style and will update this page when we have it ready for purchase.

What is the difference between PupSaver and AirPupSaver?

PupSaver is our original all polyester fiber-filled version of our safety seat. It does not require any inflation in the seat back and accommodates dogs up to 30 lbs. AirPupSaver is the next generation safety seat for dogs up to 45 lbs. It has an integrated airbag style seat back, for optimal safety and a lighter overall seat. When creating the AirPupSaver 45, PupSaver opted for an air chamber-filled seat back, out of necessity, since we needed for this seat to be light and efficient in crash testing. After seeing the results, PupSaver decided to offer this new and improved style for smaller dogs, too! *Please note: AirPupSaver requires inflation via a hand pump, which is included with each unit.*

Is the original PupSaver as safe as the AirPupSaver?

Yes. All of the PupSaver safety seats have been through rigorous crash testing at MGA Research Corporation, located in Manassass, VA. PupSaver seats have been passing the canine variation of the FMVSS 213 crash test since 2012. They randomly batch test PupSavers and only sell products which pass crash testing on the authority of our safety design engineer. Those passing test credentials are determined as follows: (1) the PupSaver and AirPupSaver remain on the test bench for the duration of the sled test (2) the test dog is fully contained by the PupSaver/AirPupSaver throughout the crash test (3) there is an acceptable amount of excursion (how far the PupSaver/AirPupSaver comes away from the test bench back) during testing and (4) there are no buckle breakages or stitches torn upon inspection of the PupSaver/ AirPupSaver at the end of the test.

Why the rear-facing design? What if my dog doesn’t like this type of seat?

The reasons for having a rear-facing dog car seat are similar to the reasons we keep infants and children up to 30 lbs. in a rear-facing seat for as long as possible. According to auto accident data, the majority of injuries in small children occur from coming into contact with hard surfaces in the car, like dashboards and front seat backs. For unrestrained pets, this hard surface could be a windshield, front seat back, hard crate or worse…PupSaver is the only pet product manufacturer to address this concern and take safety beyond restraint. Our patented rear-facing design mimics an infant safety seat and keeps your dog’s head and neck supported and safe. Providing this kind of energy absorption is something that a seatbelt harness or crate can never do. Watch those “Top Performing” seatbelt harnesses and crate crash tests again and observe the way the test dog’s body flails and lunges forward. Keep in mind that you have no idea what happens in the real world to the real dog, snapping at the end of that harness or hitting the inside of that crate. As far as comfort goes – most dogs do not have any trouble immediately getting very cozy in their PupSaver! In fact, what we most often hear is that PupSaver is the only seat that nervous car riders will actually use! Of course, there are exceptions…But we will ask – if your baby didn’t like sitting in a rear-facing seat, would you let them sit front-facing just to appease them? No, of course not. So why let our precious furkids ride in a way that could cause them injury? If there is an utter non-compliance issue, please contact us and we will work to resolve the problem. Positive reinforcement and an “introductory period” (where the PupSaver is used as a bed inside the house for a number of days) has worked wonders in the past.

How soon will I received my PupSaver Products?

PupSaver products typically ship out within 24 hours of receiving your order and shipping take 1-5 business days via UPS Ground.

What is the return policy on PupSaver Products?

We will exchange or issue a 100% refund for defective products, if notified within 2 weeks of purchase. All other returns must be made within 30 days and are subject to a return shipping charge and a 20% restocking fee. After product is shipped back to our warehouse, we will inspect and issue a refund minus shipping costs and a 20% restocking fee. *Please measure your vehicle’s seats before purchasing a PupSaver to avoid additional refund/ return charges.*

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